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Journey Through the Psalms

Learning to Trust God - Episode 3  

Pastor Frances Huezo, May 22,  2024 

In this third episode of A Journey Through the Psalms series, Pastor Frances discusses Psalm 27. This time, she teaches us to trust in God in spite of His silence or apparent distance from us. Mature believers must learn to keep their emotions in check and live not by their feelings but by what they know. We believe this episode will elevate your trust in God. Do not miss it. 


Hidden in God's Presence - Episode 2  

Pastor Frances Huezo, May 15,  2024 

King David desired to spend every day of His life in God’s presence, for he understood the benefits of dwelling in it. In this episode, Pastor Frances shares some of those benefits and inspires us to make King David’s desire our desire. We hope you enjoy it!


Psalm 27 (Part 1)

- Episode 1  

Pastor Frances Huezo, May 1,  2024  |  SEASON 17 

Today, Pastor Frances starts the series entitled "A Journey Through the Psalms" by sharing a teaching on Psalm 27 with us. This Psalm is a declaration of David's trust in God. Nothing makes God happier than when His people trust Him. If you are fighting against anxiety, stress, or fear, this episode will give you tools to keep your heart at peace. Do not miss it. 


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