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True Success

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3

As I journey through life, I've come to the profound realization that success is a gift from God. True success gives you joy. It doesn't add stress. I've always been driven by my desire to succeed in everything. In the past, I often found myself in a state of stress as I strived to achieve my goals. However, I found true success only when I began comprehending the true meaning of committing my actions to the Lord. 

I thought committing what I did to God meant praying for God to bless my decisions. Since I was sincere in my desire to do good, I thought God would bless my plans. All that sounds great, but my problem was that I was asking Him to go along with what I decided to do. Since I was not asking Him to help me sin in any way, I thought I was committing my life to God. 

That is not what committing our deeds to God means. If we want God to bring our plans to a successful end, we must commit, dedicate, or give to the Lord whatever we do. We must put everything we do daily in God's hands. In other words, we must give Him the right to veto our plans. 

He wants us to include Him in all our activities and decisions. Since we dedicate our plans to Him, He is our life's majority shareholder. He has the last word in everything we do, from reacting to unexpected challenges or dealing with difficult people to accepting or declining what we think is a perfect job. Committing what we do to the Lord means including Him in decision-making for everything that will impact us and our families.

When we do that, my dear friends, our jobs get easier, and we do not live with anxiety, for God controls our lives. We also cannot take credit for the success that comes from our commitment to the Lord; all we do each day is follow His lead and trust Him. I challenge you to do that this week. Commit your life to the Lord, not 50%, 60%, or even 80%. Commit your life to Him entirely, and I guarantee your life will be a beautiful, not always easy, but very worth living and successful adventure. 

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