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Dayspring ministries international-MICHIGAN

Dayspring Ministries is a Christian non-profit committed to help combat global human trafficking. As Christians, we are called to keep our eyes and ears open to the injustices of the poor and innocent. 


Throughout the world, children continue to become the innocent victims of degradation, abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation. 

Dayspring Ministries puts love into action by providing prayer support, partnering with rescue agencies, and also raising public awareness to help stop this global evil. 

El Shaddai



El Shaddai Evangelistic Ministries is based in Jutiapa, a city in Honduras where more than 67% of the population lives in poverty. When Pastors Cesar and Jaida Hernández founded the ministry to teach the Word of God, they had no idea that so many abandoned and malnourished children would come to their ministry.


They started offering snacks to the children during Sunday School and in 2019 the Lord led them to offer the children full meals and food to take home.  The ministry currently serves so many children that it is commonly known as the Church of the Children. Besides sharing the Love of Christ and offering full meals to their young members, they also have begun giving them gently used clothes. 

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Pastor Armando Ramirez and his wife started Ministerio Manatial in 2014 in an area known as Horizontes de Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico. They named their ministry Manantial (Spring Waters), based on Isaiah 49:10 . This ministry is  raising a new generation of children showing them the love of Christ by providing them physical and spiritual food.

For some of these children, the meal they get at the ministry is the only food they consume in days. They also keep hundreds of children away from drugs, gangs, prison and a premature death.  They believe that through workshops and a Christ-centered education, behavior patterns can be changed. They want to support vulnerable women and children by turning their ministry into a haven for them.


​Commissioned2go is a ministry that takes Matthew 28:19 literally. Their operations, which include a Bible School, are based in Indonesia - a predominantly Muslim nation. Many of the graduates of their Bible School become missionaries who establish churches in unreached and sometimes dangerous and hostile areas in Asia where the Gospel has never been preached.

In addition to planting churches in remote areas, they also minister to Leper communities, feed homeless children and youth, and financially support orphanages in Asia. 

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