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A Life of Appearances

It is better to be a nobody and yet have a servant than to pretend to be somebody and have no food.

Proverbs 12:9

We live in a world where most people want others to think they have a great life, even if their lives are in shambles. People buy brand names not necessarily because of their quality but because of what the brand says to others about them. Many live pretending they have it all when they do not own anything.

I once was invited to a mansion to counsel a couple. When I first got there, I felt intimidated. The cars parked on their driveway were costly. The couple's clothes were top quality, and everything in that house screamed money. After talking to the couple, I discovered nothing in that house was theirs, and they were being evicted. The root of their problem was their desire to live above their means.

I drove home that night in my humble but paid-off car, and when I got to my house, I praised God that everything in it, although a little worn out, was mine. Appearances, my friends, can be deceiving. That is why the Bible tells us it is better to be a nobody but have employees than pretend to be somebody and have no food.

Times are tough, and living above our means to keep up appearances is unwise. When we buy things on credit, we give satan and wealthy people who own those credit cards power over our lives. I am not telling you to buy cheap or low-quality things. I am saying not to go into debt trying to impress people.

When you know your value, you don’t have to prove it. You are valuable because you are a Child of God. Your Heavenly Father wants you to have the best. He can bless you with the best, but He does not want you to live a lie or be in debt. Live within your means, my friend. Stop living a life caring about what others think of you.

Live your best life, not trying to prove anything to anybody. Enjoy God's blessings, and remember, it is better to live in a humble house in peace than in a mansion in fear of being evicted.

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