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Are We Prepared for the Unexpected?

Recently, God told me that next year, His people should be prepared for the unexpected. How do we do that? Most people I know, like good surprises. A surprise birthday party or an unexpected raise at work are always welcomed, but nothing is worse than unexpected tragedies. Sadly, even when we have the best auto, home, and/or health insurance, all of us have been affected or will be affected by unexpected difficulties. The good news is that most of us do not go through traumatic events daily. The not-so-good news is that we do hear about such events every day. Our main street media is constantly bombarding us with reports of tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, deaths, and lately the impact of Covid19 around the world. The good news does not sell.

Because of all that, most people when they hear that unexpected things are coming go immediately into a negative space. They start fearing the loss of loved ones, the loss of resources, or expecting tragedies, but this should not be the reaction of the Children of God. If you know God, you know that He is good. There is no evil in Him. The Bible tells us that every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from our Heavenly Father (James 1:17). Therefore, if God tells us to prepare for the unexpected, He is not preparing us for the impact of something negative. He is simply inviting us to a complete and absolute "dependence" on Him.

When we depend on God, we live detached lives. The roots of our lives are no longer here on Earth, but we establish a root system in heaven. With this, I do not mean that we no longer get an education, buy a family home, or save for retirement. What I mean is that instead of putting our trust in things that can be lost or shaken, we put our trust in God who does not change and is never shaken. Here on earth, we can have financial stability one day and lose it the next, but God is and will always be our provider. We can be strong and healthy one day, and suddenly a small accident can threaten that, but the power of God to heal never changes. When God is our assurance, worldly insurance is something we do for comfort, but not for security.

When we depend on God, we live detached lives. We are blessed with comforts, but we can live without them. We praised God for abundance, but we also praise Him in scarcity. When we depend on God, we rejoice in health, and we believe Him for healing in sickness. When we depend on God, we are free to lose our lives for Jesus’ sake, because we know that by doing so, we truly find them.

I believe with all my heart that God’s people will be blessed with resources for them and the kingdom of God this upcoming year. I expect nothing, but goodness and mercy, but I also know that in this life nothing is permanent, except change. Therefore, my trust is not in anything or anybody that can change, but only in the Lord God All Mighty who is unchangeable. Child of God, get ready for the unexpected… Trust God with all your heart, and live a detached life.

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