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Be Still and

Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!

1 Samuel 12:16 (NIV)

Trying to testify to a coworker about the power of God, I shared with her about the day that the guerrilla took control of the city where my family and I lived in El Salvador. To keep the army from regaining control of the city, they blocked the main street by backing up a school bus against the wall of my parent’s warehouse. My parents owned a store that used to sell shoe materials. In that warehouse, they stored gallons of glue, rolls of leather, and boxes of rubber shoe soles, which are all flammable.

We lived on the second floor of the building where the warehouse was located. Through our windows, we watched how a group of young men emptied bottles of gas inside the bus and tried to set it on fire. My parents, my brothers, and I started to pray. We knew that only God could stop the fire from that bus from spreading through the house burning us in it. For the glory of God, we saw how they tried to set that bus on fire three times, and every time the fire died, off in a few minutes. We experienced a great miracle that day.

After my conversation with that coworker, I thought to myself, “I miss seeing miracles”. It was then that God reminded me that I see miracles every day. Each one of us is a walking miracle. I do not have to be in grave danger to see God perform miracles. We all experience them every day and sadly, we do not notice them.

Our eyes are marvels; our ability to see is a wonder. The way our planet moves around its axle allowing us to have each day is inexplicable. Have you ever seen a grain of sand under a microscope? If you have not, you should. Each grain reflects the biology and geology of the area it was plucked from. Can you imagine how many treasures are contained on one beach alone?

I am grateful for the God of miracles we serve. I am extremely grateful for the miracles I have experienced in adversities, but to be honest, I rather stand still and see the great things God does before my eyes on a regular day. If I stand still enough today, I might get to experience the miracle of watching a hummingbird flap its wings 12 to 90 times per second.

I would not mind experiencing today the miracle of seeing a million drops of water coming down from heaven, which we call rain, especially here in California. My dear friend, if we slow down enough to notice them. If we stand still, we can see the great things God does around us every day. Be still and enjoy a few miracles today.

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