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Do as I say... Not as I do

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

I Corinthians 11:1 (NIV)

I know someone who uses profanity all day long. Speaking to her co-workers before a meeting, she proudly announced that she does not allow her children to curse, at least not in her presence. After the meeting, I asked her if she uses profanity/curses in front of her children, and she reluctantly said yes. I did not tell her anything else, but before I left the room, she told me that she tells her children to do as she says, not as she does.

While I cannot blame that woman for doing what she does because how can I blame the blind for not seeing? I hope you know that we, the people of God, should not do that. The Bible tells us that we are to be examples to the young in Christ and to our children. Remember that wherever we go, we represent Jesus, especially in our homes.

We cannot expect our children to pray, read the Bible, serve in the church, or bless the poor if we do not do it. How can we expect our children to live holy lives if our lives are not holy? We all know that even if we promise ourselves that we will not do it, as adults, we end up duplicating the behavior of our parents. Children who had abusive parents abuse others or are abused by others. Children of generous parents often grow up to be even more generous than their parents were.

Paul boldly told the Corinthian church to follow his example. He did not say that because he was a perfect man, he said it because he was following Christ. Paul gives us the key to making sure we are good examples. Even if we did not grow up surrounded by people whom we could proudly follow, now as believers, we must follow Christ.

My dear friends, we all learn best by example and even if you think your children are not listening or paying attention to you, they are. If you are parents and Christians, PLEASE make sure that you represent Christ well in front of your families because whether you like it or not, your children will do what you do and not what you say.

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