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For all the animals of the forest are mine, and I own the cattle of a thousand hills.

Psalm 50:10 (NLT)

Sometimes we read Bible verses that, although they sound good, we have a little trouble applying those verses to our lives. For example, when God tells us that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, unless we have a farm or a dairy it does not mean much to us. I once read about the staff of a Christian University who read that verse and began to believe God for cows. They were about to lose their campus for lack of funds and found out that with the value of a few cows they could save their beloved campus. After a few weeks of asking God and believing for cows, they received their miracle. To this day, they are still training men and women for ministry. Blessed by their testimony and intrigued about the price of cows, I found out that in the United States at the time, the price of an average cow was $4,000. In that same week, the church I worked for received the first monthly bill for the new parking lot, we were leasing for our congregation. The monthly lease was $4,000. Thinking that what I found out about the cost of cows and the cost of the parking lot was no coincidence, I challenged the congregation to start believing with me for a cow a month. Some people thought I was crazy, but laughing they began to do their best to believe for cows with me. We paid our first bill and before the end of the second month, our financial officer, and a person who was not even a Christian, convinced the owner of the parking lot to let us use the lot free in exchange for a tax deduction. Our prayers worked. God gave us the price of a cow each month.

The biblical definition of faith is confessing with our mouths what we believe in our hearts. Today, I am standing in faith confessing the value of a few cows for my ministry, my personal life, and for the people I love. How much does a cow cost where you live? How many cows do you need to make God's plan for your life a reality?

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