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God and Inflation

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4: 6 (NIV)

A few summers ago, while working in my garden, I noticed how badly the previous winter had damaged my fence. It was obvious that I had to fix it soon because the beginning of the rainy season was not far away. The problem was that I had just done major work on my car and I had no money to repair the fence. Without knowing what else to do and instead of worrying about the issue, I thought, "I guess God will have to fix the fence for me this year." I went into the house, got busy, and I forgot all about the fence.

The following Sunday, after my message, a couple came to see me. They greeted me and the husband handed me a card. Because I knew them well, I thought they were probably inviting me to a birthday party. Seeing that more people wanted to talk to me, they hugged me quickly, said goodbye, and left. I put the card in my bag and I did not even look at it until I got home that afternoon. Inside the envelope, I found a card that simply said "Thank you" and a check for more money than what I needed to fix my fence. God is so faithful!

With the inflation that continues to rise and with salaries that do not increase, some people can worry about how they will pay their bills, but as children of God, we do not have to worry. We have a generous provider who is faithful to fulfill His promises. God has told us not to worry about anything. What we have to do is ask for what we need and thank God for His provision. God listens to our prayers even if they are not long or elaborate.

Inflation on Earth does not affect Him. Concern and anxiety can try to invade your thoughts, but do not let them. I am sure you know that God is more than capable of providing for you and your family. If there is any need in your life, let God know about it and thank Him for providing for you. Rest assured that He will answer your prayer. If my simple thought moved the hand of God to help me fix my fence, what do you think He will do if you express your need?

Do not waste your time being anxious about the rising prices of things. Inflation for the children of God is just an opportunity to see His response to our prayers. It is just another chance to get a new testimony about the goodness of our God.


The next time you pump gas or buy groceries, if anxiety tugs at your heart, just thank God for His provision. In fact, thank God to and from the service station or the supermarket.

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