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When they saw the star, they were filled with joy!

Matthew 2:10

Sometimes, even the best people can get in trouble if they listen to the wrong voice. I know plenty of brilliant and highly educated people who have experienced many losses because instead of following the voice of God, they followed logic, their feelings, or human knowledge.

I would like us to consider today that sometimes we complicate things when, instead of following God's directions, we follow logic or our feelings. An example of what I am talking about is the wise men traveling to Bethlehem to worship Jesus. It was logical for a group of wealthy and influential men to go to a Palace looking for a King, but God does not do things based on logic.

If nothing about the birth of Christ was logical, why would God use Herod to give these wise men directions? If you follow God, my dear reader, you must admit that your life is not always logical or makes sense. Sometimes nothing in my life makes sense, but I would have missed precious miracles and the most incredible adventures of my life if I followed logic.

Of course, I am not trying to say that it is wrong to use logic. I am saying that if God is in control of your life, logic, feelings, or human knowledge cannot be the predominant voices you follow. Unless you want to create trouble, extra work, and extend the time it will take you to get to places where you must be, you must always be guided by God's star, the Holy Spirit.

If you, are in a situation where you lost your way for you decided to follow logic instead of God's voice, I have good news. Once the wise men left the Palace, they saw the star again and ended up at the feet of Jesus. If you leave where you are and return to the last place where God's voice guided you, you can still end up where God wants you.

This Christmas season may be the best time to reconsider your relationships, living arrangements, financial decisions, or a life far from Christ. No matter how far you have walked away from God's guidance if you ask God for a way back to Him, His star will always lighten up your steps. Get out of Herod's Palace and follow the star.

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