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The next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’

Luke 10:35 (NIV)

While in my parent’s care, my dog almost died last year. My father, who grew up thinking that dogs are just dogs, decided not to let me know she was sick. After all, she is older, they had done everything possible to help her without seeing any improvements, and he did not want me to end up with a very high vet bill and lose my dog anyways.

Against my father’s advice, my mother called me, and I was able to take Gigi to the vet. My mother knows “Gigi” is not just a dog for me; she is part of my family. A week later, I got my dog back from the vet with a costly charge on my credit card, but I did not mind the bill because I love my her.

Love has a cost. To the Good Samaritan of the Bible, to bless an injured man caused him oil, bandages, and a ride on his donkey, which meant he had to walk. It costs him time, effort, and money. The people who passed this injured man by probably felt bad for him, but none of them loved him. Jesus’s love for us cost Him His life. To God, that love cost His Son, and to the Holy Spirit, His love for us costs the patience to live among us every day, which I know is no easy task.

Love gives. It is impossible to love someone or something and not provide them with anything. If we say we love God, our natural desire is to want to bless Him. However, what can we give God to show Him our love? Someone might say we can praise Him or spend time with Him, and I am sure he enjoys that, but if you ask me, I think one of the most effective ways we can show God our love is by loving His people.

God loves nothing more than His church. Therefore, I believe we bless His heart when we love the church. The challenge is that to love His people is costly. It requires money, effort, and our most precious commodity, time. Most churchgoers have no problem giving money, but few people want to serve in their church.

For some, serving God's people is inconvenient, unappreciated, and sometimes even unpleasant. That is why most people would choose to fast for forty days rather than serve in Children’s church. That is why we no longer visit widows or people in jail. Nevertheless, when we do it, we bless God's heart. Child of God, show God your love. Sow your time. Serve God’s people.

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