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My Friend the Ghost

"Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them."

Ephesians 5:11 (NIV)

Someone asked me this week what was the Christian take on Halloween. I told her that Halloween is a controversial subject among Christians. On one side, some have no problem decorating their house with skeletons and zombies or dressing up like witches or monsters. On the other side, some get offended at the sight of pumpkins wishing people a happy fall.

My answer was probably too ambiguous because the person asked me, "What is your take on Halloween? Moreover, since you are Hispanic, do you celebrate the traditional "Dia de los Muertos?" I answered, "I do not celebrate Halloween or Dia de los Muertos because I respect my friend the Ghost too much."

You see, I have had a very close relationship with the Holy Ghost since childhood. I was eight years old the first time I heard His voice in my heart. He called me to the ministry when I was twelve, and at seventeen, He dictated to me word by word the first sermon I ever preached. He has walked with me during my life's best and worst seasons and still teaches me the Bible.

He is gentle and sweet but powerful enough to break addictions and heal the sick. He loves children, and our worship gives Him joy, but do not let that fool you. He is also a consuming fire. He was the one who asked the grave, "O grave, where is your victory?" After He resurrected Jesus from the dead. He is God, and like God the Father, He is jealous of His relationship with His people.

I, my friends, have no business messing around with figures of happy ghosts and spiderwebs in or out of my house. I have cast enough demons out of people to know that there is no such thing as a "fun or benevolent spirit." I like dressing up, but the last thing I want is to open a door of my life to a demon by dressing up like one or celebrating the occult.

You can decide what you do on Halloween. I cannot take part in unfruitful works of darkness. I have chosen to respect my friend, the Holy Ghost. I use Halloween to gain territory for the kingdom of God. I do not hide or lock myself in my house on October 31 or November 1. I do whatever I can to shine the love of God the brightest on those days. Remember that when sin increases, grace should increase even more.

I do not think it is worth the price to mess with the occult in any way, even if it comes in an attractive or cultural package.

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