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Playing with Fire

For many are the victims she has cast down, and numerous are all her slain. Her house is the way to Sheol, descending to the chambers of death.

Proverbs 7:26-27

In Proverbs 7, King Solomon warns us not to put ourselves in situations where we will be easily tempted. In this chapter of Proverbs, he warns his son not to allow himself to be seduced by a sinful woman, telling him to stay as far away from her house as possible. 

Salomon could have learned that from Joseph, one of Jacob’s sons. When a beautiful married woman tried to get Joseph in bed, he ran from her house. Joseph didn’t want to sin against God and knew that if he stayed close to this seductive woman, he would eventually end up sleeping with her. He was wise. He did not play with fire. 

We should all follow his example. The people who play with fire get burned, and unwise people who stay too close to temptation sin. My friends, we all know our weak areas, and unfortunately, satan knows our weaknesses, too. That is why he tempts us with what we like or desire.

Salomon compares staying close to temptation to visiting a sinful woman’s house. He tells us that anyone who enters her house gets slain by her sin, for her house, according to the King, descends to the chambers of death. Friends, if we keep playing with temptation, no matter what temptation we play with, we will eventually sin. 

We cannot avoid being tempted, but we can do our best to stay away from what tempts us. We will not stop drinking if we work at a bar, just as we will not stop lying if, most of the time, we are surrounded by liars. If your friends live a lifestyle you know you shouldn’t, maybe it is time to make new friends. 

Stop playing with fire and run from temptation. Be wise, and do not overestimate yourself. Anyone can sin if they stay around what tempts them. Do not let temptation slay you; if you do, you will be trapped in its house and on your way to Sheol (hell).

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