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Stop Talking and Start Working

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 14:23 (NIV)

A quote from Charlie Chaplin says that "words are cheap." By that, Mr. Chaplin meant to say that one's words are not worth much because talking is easy. Actions carry more weight than words. In the Bible, Salomon tells us that mere talk leads only to poverty.

I once worked with someone who blamed all his difficulties on his lack of education. He was not able to go to college after High School. When I asked why he did not go to college, he gave me a long list of reasons: He could not afford it, he always had to work, he married young, he had kids soon after he got married, etc.

The funny thing was that all he talked about while I worked with him was his desire to enroll in college or a trade school. After all his kids had grown up, he was making good money, had time at night and on the weekends to do homework, and could take classes online. He talked about it all day but never did anything to enroll anywhere.

I had not seen that person in a while, but the last thing I heard about him was that he was still in the same place, feeling miserable and complaining about his bad luck. My friends, today I want us to consider King Solomon's words. Talking about what we want to do and not doing anything to achieve it produces emotional and financial poverty.

Please stop talking about what you want and do something to get it. With hard work and God's help, anything is possible.

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