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Take Time to Listen

Let the wise listen and add to their learning,

Proverbs 1:5(a)

The Bible tells us that Solomon was extremely wise. His wisdom made Israel a great nation. Kings from other nations would send people to listen to his wisdom. They expected these people to learn from Salomon and bring back knowledge that would benefit their countries. These leaders understood the value of wisdom and how it is gained.

We are living in an age of knowledge. However, if we look around at what is happening in the world, it is easy to conclude that we may have excellent knowledge but lack wisdom. Look at the financial state of our country, for example. We have financial experts everywhere and universities full of brilliant people teaching and learning about finances, yet our nation is in horrible debt.

Look at our marriages. There are thousands, if not millions, of books in circulation about marriage. We have thousands of therapists, psychologists, marriage retreats, seminars, and church conferences that deal with marriage problems, and still, divorce rates keep rising. The more we try to accept each other and tolerate our differences, the more divided we become.

Knowledge, my friends, is easily obtained, but wisdom needs to be searched. We need to learn how to listen for wisdom to come to us. Salomon told us that the wise listen and add to their learning. Hearing is automatic. Listening requires focus, patience, time, and perseverance. You cannot listen to someone and be in a rush. You cannot listen if you are talking or do not care about what is being said.

We are so used to hearing that we either don't know or have forgotten how to listen. God will not talk to us unless we listen to Him. My challenge for you this week is to make a resolution that in 2024, you will make time to listen. Listen to your spouse, children, friends, and Pastors.

Make time to listen to your body and your soul. If either one is in pain, seek healing. Listen to your spirit. Only if you make time to listen to your spirit will you learn to differentiate between its voice and the voice of the Spirit of God. Most of all, my dear friends, listen to the Spirit of God. If you do, you will become wise and obtain the benefits of wisdom.


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