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The Arrival of the Wise

Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea during the reign of King Herod. At that time, some wise men from the eastern lands arrived in Jerusalem.

Matthew 2:1 (NLT)

King Herod was an evil man. He ordered the murder of all babies under two years of age in an attempt to kill the King of the Jews, who was born during his reign. As we know, his evil plans failed because the wise men did not return to Jerusalem, and Joseph, another wise man, obeyed a dream and took Mary and the baby to Egypt.

Today, I want us to consider that the Bible tells us that wise men arrived in the time of Herod. My readers, the time of Herod represents a dark time for humanity. It represents a time when evil rulers were in power. It only takes a few minutes watching the news to recognize that we live in a dark time. Wars, natural disasters, and illegal drugs kill thousands of people every day around the world.

I can safely say that we live in days similar to the "Days of Herod," but the fantastic news I have for you today is that the Bible tells us that wise men arrive in the Days of Herod. It would have been easier and less expensive for those wise men to stay in their country instead of walking as far as they did to worship Jesus. Joseph would have had an easier life, leaving Mary alone when he found out she was pregnant, but wise men must rise in Herod's time.

God is raising many of us to be the wise men of our generation. Wisdom, my family, is not something that God promises only to older adults. According to the Bible, wisdom is given to those who seek it by asking God for it and pursuing it as something more precious than gold.

I guarantee you, dear reader, that people need your wisdom wherever you are. Yes, it is easier to focus on living our lives and let others fend for themselves. However, what if you are where you are because we live in Herod's time, and it is time for you, a wise person, to arrive? Now more than ever, we need wise men and women.

In these dark times, it is time for us to do what the wise men of the Gospel did. It is time for us to follow the Holy Spirit. It is time for us to listen to the voice of God and obey it as Joseph did. It is time for us, the wise people of God, to arrive.

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