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The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

And there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch by night.

Luke 2:8

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a stress that arises from the fear that others might be having more fun than you, that you will miss something good, or be left out from being invited to a fun event or occasion. Studies have demonstrated that this fear is real and can affect even people's health.

Since I love to be at home, I do not suffer from much FOMO, but there are a few events I would hate to have missed. For example, the Gospel of Luke tells us that around the time Christ was born, a group of shepherds watching their flocks at night received the incredible news that the Savior of the World had been born.

Did you notice that the Bible does not say that the angels gave the news to everyone on those hills? They only gave the great news to those who were watching at night. Many more people would have been able to hear the news during the day, but God chose to give it only to those responsible shepherds who chose to keep their sheep safe at night.

Matthew 24:42 asks us to be alert and watch because we do not know when our Lord will come for us. My friends, It is easy to be entangled in the cares of this world and forget that, in fact, the Church of Jesus should be waiting for His second coming. I preach and teach against fear but am willing to make an exemption. A little FOMO about Jesus's return would do the Church well.


In this upcoming Christmas season, instead of teaching our children to keep watch for Santa, why don't we take some time to teach them to keep watch for Jesus? It is great that we celebrate Jesus' birth as long as we remember why He was born. Remember that the good news was not only that He had come. We also celebrate why He came and that He is coming back.

I guarantee you that many shepherds on those hills in Israel did not get to hear the angels' tidings of comfort and joy because they were sleeping. As we decorate, cook, and celebrate with our loved ones this Christmas, let us watch and pray for the Lord's second coming. Jesus' second coming is an event that everyone should be afraid to miss.

El Temor a Perderse Algo (FOMO)

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