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the Truth About Lies

The truth about lies is that if the truth sets us free, then lies keep us bound.

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32 (ESV)

The problem with truth and lies is that sometimes, what we consider truth can be lies. Take the shape of our planet; for example, ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian records describe the world as a disk in the ocean with the heavens arching above it. Now such thoughts seemed to us as the thoughts of ignorant people, but for centuries, many brilliant people considered that an irrevocable truth.

When I was little, my mother told me a plant would grow inside me if I ate a watermelon seed. I am a little embarrassed to tell the story now, but I avoided watermelon seeds like the plague for years. Why did I believe such a simple lie? Because I trusted the source and because, at that age, I had no way to refute such truth.

That, my friends, is why, even as adults, we keep holding on to different lies and even defend some of them as our truth. As children, many brilliant people were told they were dumb, and now that lie has become their truth. Evil, abusive men tell women that no one but they would love them, and they stay with them sometimes for life because they believe such cruel lies.

How are we to know the truth? The truth, my friends, is the word of God, the Bible. Some people consider the Bible a book that can easily be misunderstood, misinterpreted, no longer valid, or written by liars, but no Bible critic has ever disproved it. For example, way before people knew the earth was round, Job (the oldest book of the Bible) said it (Job 26:7), and later the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 40:22) confirmed it.

Forty men wrote the Bible from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages over 1,400 years, yet you will not find any contradiction in it. Whenever people tell me that Bible is not the absolute truth, I challenge them to read it, and if the Bible does not change or affect them in any way, they can refute it.

So far, nobody who has read it has ever returned to me to refute it. Therefore, my challenge to you this week is to examine whatever belief or thought that might be keeping you captive to sin, its consequences, or stopping you from reaching your destiny in the light of the Bible.

Allow the Holy Spirit to challenge any lies in your life. Let the truth set you free.

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