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The Worst Advice

What has been the worst advice you have received? Someone once told me to put grease on a burn, which I did. The grease sealed the burn and did much more damage. Now I know that is the worst thing anyone can do to treat a burn. I still have the scar. My adviser meant well, but his advice could have been better. Still, that is not the worst advice someone, especially a Christian, can get. The worst advice someone can give you is "Don't change."

Such advice is unwise and an impossibility. Whether we like it or not, time changes us all. Our bodies change over time. Every morning when I look in the mirror, the person looking back at me looks more and more like my mother and less and less like myself. Our tastes evolve. Years ago, I used to love the $0.99 tacos I bought at fast food restaurants. Now it gives me heartburn just looking at them.

If we follow Christ, our character and temperament must also evolve with time. Ephesians 4:13 inspires us to mature into the full stature of Christ. The liar who starts walking with Christ after some time should stop lying. The pessimist must learn to expect God's goodness every day. The longer we walk with Christ, Christ's character should shine more and more through us.

If our level of maturity remains the same year after year, our spiritual walk must be tweaked. Why don't we take some time this week to assess how much we have grown spiritually in the past few years? How is our prayer life now compared to our prayer life before the pandemic? Are we reading the Bible more than a few years ago? What area of our character is the Holy Spirit working within us in this season of our lives? Are we sharing the gospel with people?

Let us be honest with ourselves, and if we do not see much growth in our spiritual lives, let us ask for help. The Holy Spirit is always ready to help us grow. Let us surrender our weak areas to God, invest time in prayer, and read God's word daily. Before we know it, we will think, speak, and act more like Christ. A good advice for all of us is, "Let's CHANGE!"

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