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What I feared most happened to me; what scared me the most, happened to me.

Job 3:25 (NIV)

Many people do not understand the story of Job. They think it is about how God tested a good man with suffering. While it is true that the book speaks of much suffering, Job's life was not just about suffering. In fact, according to Jewish tradition, his suffering lasted only months.

Some people also believe that, in this book, God was influenced by the devil. They think that God allowed satan to take Job's possessions because the devil convinced Him to do so (Job 1:11). As if, the devil could convince God of anything. God's intention in letting the devil take Job's blessings from him was not to put Job to the test but to free him from fear. God knew that Job felt that he did not deserve these goods and therefore he feared losing them.

Children of God, fear is a magnet. We attract everything we fear. That is why the Bible constantly reminds us that we should not fear. God knew what Job was going to do and how he was going to react to losing everything. God is omniscient. He used the devil to help Job discover the fear that was in his heart. If you do not believe this, look back at your life. Has something happened that you feared?

I know someone who fears the loss of his cars through theft. He has had three cars stolen. You might think it is logical to fear car theft, after three stolen cars. The reality is that he confesses that before his cars were stolen, he knew they would be. Is that a coincidence? Maybe, but I believe that there is also the possibility that what he feared he attracted. I also know someone who knew she would get cancer and did get cancer. What she feared the most happened to her.

Fear is the opposite of faith. When we speak what we fear, we are breathing life into it. We confess with our mouths what we believe in our hearts. What happened to Job is a lesson for us all. What do you fear? What are you attracting to you? In life, we must be careful, but not fearful. Examine your heart and repent of any fear you find in it. Do not give the devil a place in your life by attracting what you fear. Live by faith, not in fear.

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