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Why the Blood of Jesus Matters

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Two weeks ago, I witnessed a unique conversation. An English-speaking doctor was discharging a Spanish-speaking patient from the hospital. Due to the language barrier, they were using an interpreter. The grateful patient said goodbye to his doctor saying, “Thank you Doctor, I pray the blood of Jesus covers you and protects you”. Horrified, the poor interpreter told the Doctor “thank you Doctor God bless you.” Before I could ask why he did not interpret the entire phrase, he turned to me and told me, “what a nasty thing to say. Why would you want to cover someone with blood?”

At that moment, it hit me; most people do not know or understand why Christians say there is power in the blood. I would dare to say that even some Christians do not know exactly how or why there is power in the precious blood of Jesus. We sing about it, but some of us are not sure why we do it. In a very tragic time for the world, I think it is appropriate to share why THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD’. Jesus our Savior bled seven times. God, being a God of order and purpose, paid a redemptive price with every drop of blood Jesus shed:

  • He sweated blood in Gethsemane to pay the price for our peace of mind in time of stress or anxiety (Luke 22:44)

  • He bled at the whipping post to pay the price for our physical healing (Isaiah 53:5 and Matthew 27:26)

  • His cheeks bled when they pulled his beard to pay for our shame and/or rejection (Psalm 3:3 and Isaiah 50:6)

  • He bled when a crown of thorns was placed on His head redeeming us from the curse of poverty (Genesis 3:17-19 and Mathew 27:29)

  • Christ bled when they drove spikes through his wrists/hands into the cross so that everything we do is blessed (Luke 23:33)

  • Our Savior bled when they drove spikes through his feet so that every step we take reclaims territory for God’s Kingdom (Luke 23:33)

  • He bled when they pierced his side. His heart was broken to mend ours and to give birth to His church (John 19:34)

There, you have it; the blood of Jesus redeems us from every curse, every sickness, every virus, and every foe we might face. Therefore, the next time you sing about it or bless someone with your Savior’s blood, do it in boldness and with authority. Do it with gratitude and understanding and if I may ask, try not to scare the nonbelievers with that precious blood. My dear Family, I pray the blood of Jesus, over you, your family, your house, your church, and your neighborhood.

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